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Smith&Nephew or Smith+Nephew, What is a logo change for?


Smith&Nephew changed its logo with the slogan “Welcome to the next 160 years”. Changing the logo in large companies is not just a change of appearance, but is usually a result of changes in policies. The same seems to be true of the Smith&Nephew, which has spoken of new business policies alongside the announcement of its logo change, but no specific details have yet been announced about changing business policies.

Following are the changes to the new logo:

  • The most important change is the removal of the famous Smith&Nephew star mark from the left of the term Smith&Nephew. Smith&Nephew called this sign “Energy Burst” and emphasized its continued use.
  • Another major change is the removal of the phrase ”&” between the two words smith and nephew and replacing it with a “+” sign. The + sign is not separated and merged with the letter N.
  • Another change is to convert the lowercase letters s and n to uppercase letters S and N.
  • The font type in the new logo has less curvature and straighter lines.
  • The orange color of the logo remains unchanged.

This logo change in the business world is a minor change. In other words, among the most important elements of the logo, including the type, font, color and text of the logo, the logotype design and logo orange color has not changed and only slight changes in font and more changes to the text have been made. The changes have reduced the vitality and freshness of the logo and added to its seriousness so that the new logo looks more serious and formal. The use of straighter fonts, uppercase letters, plus sign and a more regularized logotype frame are all to formalizing this old and credible brand.

In an opinion poll conducted by the Iranian audience at, 67% voted for the old logo and 33% voted for the new logo. Experience has shown, however, that there is usually a greater attachment to previous logos and over time these percentages will change in favor of the new logo.

As mentioned at the beginning, these changes are not only in appearance, and we will certainly see new business policies from this important international company in the future.

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