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The Executive Secretary of the Wound Congress of Iran talks to Meezgerd


The Congress of Wound and Tissue Repair is the main event in the field of wound in Iran. Since the fall 2014 when the first Wound Congress was held, its quality has been getting better and better every year. The Third Wound Congress has been internationalized in 2016 and has been recognized as the first International Wound and Tissue Repair Congress. This year the 6th National Congress and the 4th International Congress were held. During this time, ACECR of Tehran University of Medical Sciences helped to holding this congress. This year's congress was held by the Yara Wound Healing Institute and The Medical Laser Research Center.

We interviewed with the Executive Secretary of the 6th Congress of Wound and Tissue Repair (WTR) at the congress secretariat building on the Nazari Street in Tehran. Dr. Hosseinzadeh holds PhD in biophysics and researches in nanotechnology and photodynamic.

First of all, please explain the activities and relationship between the Yara Institute of Wound Technologies and the Medical Laser Research Center.

One of the most important activities of ACECR was laser research started in 2001.With its development, the Medical Laser Research Center was established in 2009. Here, some researches about wound was being conducted and in 2017, with the establishment of the a Yara Institute for Woud Technologies, this researches were conducted more widely. The Yara Center is currently working with the Iranian scientific centers and we also have a cooperation agreement with other countries about education and researches. We hold wound management courses under the supervision of the German Wound Healing Society and we are the only organization that issues international certification. Instructors are also approved by the German Wound Healing Society.

What were the first reasons for holding the Congress of Wound six years ago?

Researches about wound healing is important from a different science perspective. clinical science, basic science and engineering science researchers are researching about it. Specialized medical centers have been providing medical services to people for many years. Scientific meetings led to scientific debates in this field. These discussions, with the suggestion of professors and faculty members, cause that the Wound Congress to be held at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Today we are seeing the participation of various science researchers in this international congress. At the Congress we have articles in a variety of disciplines, including clinical sciences, medical and non-medical sciences, technical engineering and modern biotechnology and nanotechnology. This creates a beneficial relationship between experts. From all cities of the country such as Shiraz, Tabriz and Mashhad, people volunteer for honorary cooperation.

What are your ups and downs?

Last years I was in the science department with clear tasks but this year I am the executive officer and it has very complex and difficult tasks. But when I find this congress useful to friends, my tiredness disappears. Of course, I am a member of the large family of Tehran university of medical sciences. All friends do their best without any expectation and I take this opportunity to thank all my dears.

In your opinion, at what level are we in wound management compared to other countries?

In nanotechnology, I think we are in the first place in our region. We are at the same level with Pakistan in biotechnology and Turkey is the next. Saudi Arabia spends a lot of money on this, but it is still far from these three countries. In the case of advanced wound dressings after US sanctions, we have to produce these wound dressings ourselves. Fortunately, the news that I hear from Iranian companies is that they are researching to produce a variety of products in this field. Many universities like Amir Kabir and Sharif are researching about new wound dressings. In the next few years, we will hear good news about it.

Thank you for talking to Meezgerd.

I thank you too, Good luck.

WTR Iranian Congress


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