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Iranian Companies: Iran Pharmis


In the Iranian wound market, there are several Iranian companies, each in turn, as a manufacturer or importer, plays a role in the awareness of wound care. In a series of reports, Meezgerd studies these companies and the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

It should be noted that all the information provided, is the result of reviewing the available market data by the market research experts of Meezgerd. Meezgerd has reviewed this data based on official sources. Also, the analytical cases of the reports do not necessarily mean that these opinions are definitive. These are expert opinions of marketing and market analysis teams of Meezgerd.

Iran Pharmis Company

Iran Pharmis is one of the oldest Iranian companies in the field of wound care and medical devices. This company was established in 1979 and imported hypodermic sterile needles as its first products in 1982.

In 1987, Iran pharmis cooperation with Coloplast Company was formed, and the import of ostomy products began. In 1990, Coloplast wound care products were included in the Iran Pharmis portfolio.

After a short break, the re-import of Coloplast products was resumed in 1997, and the company started a separate marketing program for the wound care market. By purchasing the major shares of Daru Darman Pars Company, Iran Pharmis entered the field of pharmaceutical supply in 2005.

In 2008, it took over the distribution and marketing of Smith+Nephew products. In 2009, it launched Momtaz Drug Distribution, and in the same year, it started cooperating with ostomy products ForLife of Germany and Eakin of Ireland. In 2010, it started its cooperation with the German company Hartmann. In 2011, it started cooperating with the American company DermaSciences and MediHoney products were entered Iran.

Iran Pharmis has been expanding its market horizontally since 2013 and in addition to the field of wound care, it has entered the fields of urology, surgery, anaesthesia and gynaecology. Today, Iran Pharmis is present in the fields of vascular access, cardiac care, local anesthesia, trauma, urology, wound care, ostomy care, surgical suture, oncology, surgery and operating room.

Iran pharmis is a private company with more than 100 employees. The managing director of the company is Mr Abbas Barati, who has been in this position since 2009.

Analysis of Iran Pharmis marketing activities in the wound and ostomy care market

Due to its more than 40-year history, Iran Pharmis Company is well acquainted with all the pillars of the market and uses its antiquity and experience to advance its commercial targets.

In the wound care market, the changes of the brands offered to the market by Iran Pharmis from Coloplast to Smith+Nephew and then to Hartmann can be considered as a weakness in maintaining a long-term relationship with foreign business partners, but on the other hand, correct marketing activities for each of these brands during working with Iran pharmis, shows the power of branding and marketing of Iran Pharmis.

In a comprehensive study which was conducted in collaboration with Meezgerd on the Iranian Wound Market, the brand of Hartmann is among the top brands in terms of market share and brand awareness, and Iran pharmis is one of the companies with the highest customer satisfaction.

Iran Pharmis has been present in most of the wound care events of Iran and has been able to maintain its stability in the market well by keeping its brand image, both in terms of appearance and in terms of dealing with consumers.

Lack of proper activity of Iran Pharmis in the digital world is one of the weaknesses of the company, which unfortunately is observed in most Iranian companies. Although the company's website is of better quality than many of its competitors, there are also shortcomings such as out-of-date products and inactive parts such as customer clubs and Q&A. One of the strengths of this website is the appropriate category of brands and the download section of catalogs.

One of the main weaknesses of Iran pharmis in terms of customer relations is the absence of this old company in social networks. At a time when all companies in the world are taking advantage of this ideal opportunity to improve their brand image and close relationship with customers, Iran Pharmis has deprived itself of all these opportunities and seems to follow the traditional communication through attending exhibitions and communicating with customers at the company booth.

Meezgerd is hoping that this old company will continue to grow and contribute to expanding the commodity basket and increasing the volume of transactions of Iran wound care market.

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