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Wound and Tissue Repair Congress was held in Tehran


The 4th International and the 6th National Congress of Wound and Tissue Repair (WTR) entitled "The Future of Wound and Scars" was held for four days from November 19 to 22 in the Razi International Convention Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences. The Congress of Wounds, as the most important event in the field of wounds in Iran, reviews the latest studies and researches on wound healing and welcomes wound therapists every year. According to congressional officials, 655 people have registered online and about 100 people have registered at the desk. The total number of participants was about 900.

The congress consisted of four main sections: scientific lectures, workshops, posters and exhibition.

Lectures: The lectures as a major part of the congress consisted of various panels and topics. During the four days, 103 lectures were delivered in 14 specialized panels. The lectures were scientifically acceptable but they were not at the same level.

Workshops: This year, 14 workshops were held at the congress, including two groups of science-based and business-oriented workshops.

Posters: In spite of providing 146 posters that were acceptable numbers, no good order was observed. Some posters were not presented because of the absence of the provider. Also, the space that was considered was not in sight.

Exhibition: Exhibition included 27 commercial and 3 non-commercial pavilions. Business companies were categorized into 3 groups. Advanced Wound Dressings with 12 companies, Wound Care Equipment with 6 companies and other products with 9 companies.

The opening ceremony was held on the second day of the congress. The executives stated the reason for the crowding out of the booths and the move of the companies' equipment to the Exhibition, which seemed to be a good decision. Dr. Nobakht, Chairman of the Parliamentary Health and Treatment Commission, Dr. Ghobadi Dana, head of State Welfare Organization of Iran and Dr. Tayebi, head of the Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) of Iran, were the speakers at the opening ceremony.

One of the new and innovative section of the congress was Wound Startups. The event began on 4th of November with the initial competition of 16 teams. 7 selected teams presented their ideas in the congress. 4 teams were in the field of wound care products and 3 were in the field of technology and applications related to wound healing.

Students' enthusiasm for presenting ideas made this section attractive. But there wasn't enough time to present their ideas and we hope to see better presentations in the next years.

The closing ceremony was held on Friday. Dr. Habibi, the vice president of the Medical Council of Iran, Dr. Mansouri, the Scientific Secretary of the Congress and Dr. Hosseinzadeh, the executive secretary of the Congress, were the speakers at the closing ceremony.

Following the speeches, gifts and prizes were awarded as follows:

Top lectures: Dr. Reza Fekrazad “Role of Photo-bio-modulation in Control of Wounds” and Fatemeh Ghaee " Preparation and Characterization of Composite Cellulose Acetate Nanofibers Incorporating MOF Nanoparticles as Antibacterial Wound Dressing”

Top posters: Mahroo Motallebi " Antimicrobial Effect of Rutin as Flavonoid Compound and Photodynamic Inactivation on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa as Common Bacteria in Chronic Wounds” and Mahdi Zafari " Preparation of Chitosan/Polycaprolactone/(N-Decyl-N,N-dimethyl-1-decanaminium chloride) blend Nanofibrous Tissue Engineered Constructs for Skin Tissue Regeneration”

Special Thanks: Dr. Aziz Ghahari and Dr. Nahavandi

Below, you will see images of this congress.

WTR Iranian Congress


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