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Companies and Brands at the 9th Burn Congress of Iran


The 9th National Burn Congress entitled "Electrical Injuries and Challenges Ahead" was held on February 20 and 21 in the Razi International Convention Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences.

At this congress, 25 companies presented their products and services in the field of burn care. 9 companies supplied foreign products, 14 companies supplied domestic products and 2 companies presented services.

The companies in alphabetical order and by product type are:

Advanced wound dressings:

Mobtakeran Salamat Fakher (Covalon), Payk Daru Tosseh (Sorbact), Principelle, Sinacell (Amniosin), Teba Zist Polymer (Treetta), Tehran Nika (L-Mesitran), Varan Parto Darman (Altrazeal)


Fanavar Pouya Sepahan (Fapsco), Lotus Laser Parsian (Aton), Madar Salamat (Humeca), Salamat Ideh Nikan (Confort), Tosan Tajhiz

Topical wound products:

Aburaihan (Beta Heal), Adib Eksir (Adib Derm), Atra Darou Sadrazma (Valy), Behestan Behdasht (Strat Pharma), Daru Darman Salafchegan (Daru Darman), Dr. Kamkar (Kamkar), Tabnak Teb Azar (Bilva), Tannaz Gostar Asia (Sicacell), Teb Giah Amir (Sinameh), Tosan Darou (Recove)

Pharmaceutical products:

Caspian Tamin (Ibuprofen)


Bazar Teb, Medio Mah

The presence and advertising of Iranian brands at the congress was more pronounced than foreign brands. This excellence was evident in all areas, including location of booths, design of booths, environmental advertising and written advertising, that shows the strength of Iranian brands in the market.

Dr. Kamkar's company occupied the main booth of Congress and provided extensive publicity. The booths of Sinacell, Daru Darman, Behestan Behdasht, Treetta, Payk daru, Madar Salamat and Tabnak Teb Azar also had an acceptable appearance and attention to organizational color and brand color. There was no particular creativity in advertising and PR in any of the companies. Some companies had only one counter desk, which was not suitable for a national congress.

One of the positive points was the comprehensive description for booth customers, that, of course, was not far from the minds due to the non-crowding of the exhibition. There were also no corporate workshops that could be considered a weak point of the congress.

On the whole, the weak presence of companies and brands at this year's exhibition is a good indicator of the country's economic situation and Iran's burn market.

Meezgerd continues to study the Iranian wound care market and will highlight the weaknesses and strengths of this market in future reports.

Teba Zist Polymer (Treetta)
Payk Daru Tosseh (Sorbact)
Mobtakeran Salamat Fakher (Covalon)
Tehran Nika (L-Mesitran)
Sinacell (Amniosin)
Varan Parto Darman (Altrazeal)
Dr. Kamkar (Kamkar)
Daru Darman Salafchegan (Daru Darman)
Atra Darou Sadrazma (Valy)
Tabnak Teb Azar (Bilva)
Tosan Darou (Recove)
Behestan Behdasht (Strat Pharma)
Madar Salamat (Humeca)
Lotus Laser Parsian (Aton)
Salamat Ideh Nikan (Confort)
Bazar Teb
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