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Companies and Brands at the 4th International Wound Congress of Iran

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The 4th International and the 6th National Congress of Wound and Tissue Repair (WTR) entitled "The Future of Wound and Scars" was held for four days from November 19 to 22 in the Razi International Convention Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences. At this congress, 27 business companies presented their wound care products and services. There were 11 foreign product suppliers, 12 domestic product suppliers and 4 companies that provide services.

Companies are sorted alphabetically by product type:

  • Advanced wound dressings:

Arkan Darman (Smith+Nephew), Asna Tajhiz Isfahan (Atamed), Bardia Teb Aria (L&R, FarmActive, Revamil), Chitotech (Chitotech), Iran Pharmis (Hartmann, Medihoney, Eakin), Mobtakeran Salamat Fakher (Covalon), Paliz Tajhiz Arian (ConvaTec), Payk Daru Tosseh (Sorbact), Sinacell (Amniosin), Teba Zist Polymer (Tereetta), Tehran Nika (L-Mesitran), Varan Parto Darman (Altrazeal)

  • Wound care devices:

Andishgaran Hirad Teb (Huntleigh), Fanavar Pouya Sepahan (Fapsco), Lotus Laser Parsian (Aton), Marham Andisheh Salamat (Integro), Salamat Ideh Nikan (Confort), Teb Tajhiz Paya (Paya)

  • Topical wound products:

Daru Darman Salafchegan (Daru Darman), Dr. Kamkar (Kamkar), Teb Giah Amir (Sinameh)

  • Oral wound products:

Karen Pharma (Hylagen)

  • Disinfectants:

Behban Pharmed Lotus (Aseptin), Zamin Paydar Shimi Pars

  • Online shops:

Bazar Teb, One Teb

  • Other services:

Nabz Darman

Modern wound dressing companies had the largest share. Of these, 8 companies presented foreign wound dressing products and 4 companies presented Iranian products, that the presence and advertising of foreign brands were more. All five congress sponsors were in this group (Arkan Darman, Bardia Teb Aria, Iran Pharmis, Paliz Tajhiz Arian and Payk Daru Tosseh) which could represent the financial strength of the companies in the group. From the standpoint of the stands, this group also had a significant difference with the others. The main booth was for Payk Daru Tosseh, two booths opposite the main hall, were for Mobtakeran Salamat Fakher and Paliz Tajhiz Arian and the four booths at the corners of the main corridor were for Arkan Darman, Bardia Teb Aria, Iran Pharmis and Sinacell; all are modern dressings wound companies.

Payk Daru Tosseh (Sorbact) has been very active in the last year, owning the main booth and had an extensive advertising. The advertising integrity of the company that represents the Sorbact brand reflects their accurate marketing thinking. Sorbact green color could be found in all of the company advertisement posters. The colors of the booth, catalogs, banners and glasses were also green. The booth structure was designed to suit meetings and Presentation of products. But it would be better if the personnel clothes were green too. Payk Daru Tosseh also held a workshop to introduce Sorbact products.

In the booth of Mobtakeran Salamat Fakher (Covalon), personnel clothing, booth colors and catalogs were green, but the theme of the Covalon is blue. This is probably due to the company's policy to differentiate between its own company and its foreign brand. The booth structure was open designed that represents a friendly space. Covalon has increased its presence in the Iranian market in recent years.

Paliz Tajhiz Arian (ConvaTec) presented its products with theme of orange and blue. The booth was open with a separate meeting place.

Arkan Darman (Smith+Nephew) with orange theme presented its products in the main corner of the corridor.

The booth of Iran Pharmis (Hartmann, Medihoney, Eakin) was red and all its advertising elements were red too; its organizational color. This policy is reasonable because it prevents brands from prioritizing. However, Hartmann is still bolder than other brands.

In the other corner, Bardia Teb Aria (L&R, FarmActive, Revamil) with green theme and an open booth presented its brands. A workshop was held by Bardia Teb Aria to introduce FarmActive products. It is difficult to present multiple brands at the same time. we hope that this company with the policy of saving all three brands can do it successfully.

Teba Zist Polymer (Tereetta) was in the booth next to the Dining Hall. The booth was green with a large meeting room, and this may indicate the importance of congressional meetings for the company. The color of this brand will change from blue to green and the reason is not clear. But what is clear is the growth of the company that has made it one of the most successful wound care companies in the last few years.

Chitotech (Chitotech) presented its products with a blue theme. Chitotech also participated in the Medica Exhibition in Germany. It is praiseworthy to attend the world's largest medical devices exhibition.

The others were Asna Tajhiz Isfahan (Atamed), Sinacell (Amniosin), Tehran Nika (L-Mesitran) and Varan Parto Darman (Altrazeal). Asna Tajhiz Isfahan also manages Aval Darman online shop in Isfahan.

In the field of wound care devices, the largest share was for negative pressure devices, and the number of brands is increasing every year. Iranian brands are also on the rise.

Fanavar Pouya Sepahan (Fapsco), Salamat Ideh Nikan (Confort) and Teb Tajhiz Paya (Paya) supplied Iranian negative pressure devices. Andishgaran Hirad Teb (Huntleigh) with ultrasound devices, Lotus Laser Parsian (Aton) with light pulse devices and Marham Andisheh Salamat (Integro) with negative pressure devices were the other booths.

In the field of topical products, despite the presence of many brands in the market, there were only three; Daru Darman Salafchegan (Daru Darman), Dr. Kamkar (Kamkar) and Teb Giah Amir (Sinameh). All three companies had acceptable booths with appropriate advertising.

Karen Pharma (Hylagen) was the only booth to present the oral wound healing products.

Behban Pharmed Lotus (Aseptin) and Zamin Paydar Shimi Pars supplied disinfectant products.

In the field of online shops, the two companies, Bazar Teb and One Teb were introducing their services. The number of online shops has increased in recent years, but the quality of many of them is unacceptable. These two companies are working hard to present the higher quality.

Generally, companies and brands at this year's exhibition are a good indicator of Iran's wound market situation. However, the absence of some important companies and brands such as Coloplast, B.Braun, Urgo, Anika, Medline and Noavaran Salamat Arjang should be taken into account. We hope that the suppliers of these brands will also benefit from introducing their products to specialized market groups by participating in such events. Here, Coloplast and Noavaran Salamat Arjang with the workshops and the Urgo with a one-page advertisement in the congressional notebook guide had maintained their minimal presence. continues to study the Iranian wound care market and will highlight strengths and weaknesses of the market in its next reports.

Below, you will see images of the booths.

Arkan Darman (Smith+Nephew)
Iran Pharmis (Hartmann, Medihoney, Eakin)
Dr. Kamkar (Kamkar)
Teb Tajhiz Paya (Paya)
Teba Zist Polymer (Treetta)
Daru Darman Salafchegan (Daru Darman)
Mobtakeran Salamat Fakher (Covalon)
Payk Daru Tosseh (Sorbact)
Paliz Tajhiz Arian (ConvaTec)
Marham Andish Salamat (Integro)
Chitotech ( Chitotech )
Bardia Teb Aria (L&R, FarmActive, Revamil)
Bazar Teb
One Teb
Sinacell (Amniosin)
Teb Giah Amir (Sinameh)

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