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04 November 2020
The head of the Department of Production Supervision and Quality Control of the Iran National Medical Device Directorate announced the proposed list of priorities for the production of medical devices and raw materials. The ostomy bags as one of the important products in the field of wound and ostomy care can be seen in this list. According to the Public
21 September 2020
The Head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the Iran National Medical Device Directorate announced the circular of increasing the supervision over the implementation of the criteria for identifying the authenticity of medical devices of all medical companies, importers, manufacturers, distributors and guilds. ”According to Circular No. 71434/664 dated 4/11/2019 on the plan of identification, control, tracking, and authenticity
08 September 2020
In the Iranian wound market, there are several Iranian companies, each in turn, as a manufacturer or importer, plays a role in the awareness of wound care. In a series of reports, Meezgerd studies these companies and the strengths and weaknesses of each one. It should be noted that all the information provided, is the result of reviewing the available
09 August 2020
KALAR Group in collaboration with Meezgerd, as the only reference in Iran wound care market, published the report of Iran Advanced Wound Dressings Market 2020. The report covers analysis and insights for the Iran Advanced Wound Dressings market. The study includes the Iran country profile and precisely collected data of Iran medical system. Additionally, the report includes the study of
06 July 2020
Alginate dressings can be used in a variety of wound situations. They protect the affected area from bacterial infections and maintain a moist environment that promotes quicker healing. Alginates are easy to apply and has high manipulability. Meezgerd has reviewed Alginate dressings products available in Iran market. According to the results, 12 different products from 9 brands are marketed by

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14 December 2020
The head of the Iran National Medical Device Directorate delegated the registration of companies' representation services and the evaluation of after-sales services of medical devices companies to Iran University of Medical Sciences. In this regard, applicants can choose to receive services from the Iran University of Medical Sciences or the...

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